Workers’ Compensation

Colorado’s Workers’ Compensation System exists to pay workers medical benefits, lost wages and in some cases, permanent compensation for lasting problems that result from injury or illness due to their work. Employers and insurance carriers are very familiar with how to make the system to work to their advantage so workers need someone in their corner to be sure they receive the medical treatment they need and the financial benefits they are entitled to receive.

We can assist you at every stage of this process, beginning with providing a free consult to review your particular situation and advise you on your options. If we agree to work together on your case, our fee is paid if we win, from a percentage of your back benefits, so you do not need to worry about coming up with a retainer or how much work is required for your case. Contact us to schedule a consult or ask questions.

Helpful Article

How Workers’ Compensation Works in Colorado: This article is designed to cover some of the legal basics in the workers’ compensation system so that you are set up to get your full benefits and win your case.

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